With over 25 combined years of telecommunications experience, our staff at Bandwidth Simplified not only knows the industry and technologies, but we promise understand your specific business and will recommend only solutions that will empower your organization to achieve its goals.

We understand that your Internet connection, phones, and IT support is not supposed to slow down or inhibit your business, rather they are supposed seamless and transparent tools that allow you to develop new sales, increase productivity, and decrease costs.

Every organization and its processes are unique.  We have strong partnerships with all industry leaders with quarterly training on all of their products and solutions, so when we fully understand your business needs, we will be able to recommend and implement the best possible solutions for you.

The Bandwidth Simplified process is very unique and extremely customer focused. Our services are completely free to you and we get paid by whichever vendor you select, which means that our recommendations are completely unbiased.

Here is our process:

  • Review your current infrastructure and learn your business needs and goals
  • Gather the quotes that best fit your specific needs from leading vendors
  • Review the quotes and sit on your side of the table opposite of the vendors, so together we select the very best solution for you
  • Post implementation includes free 24/7 monitoring of service interruptions and we engage the vendors on your behalf

The first step with the Bandwidth Simplified process is having you complete our Assessment Tool.   We look forward learning your business and its processes.